Benefits Of Fedora

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Benefits of Fedora

Fedora is a Linux based operating system that is open source. It was designed to promote the development of free software. Spotify, a leading internet music player has now become a reality with fedora. Below are the reasons you should consider using an open source operating system.

1. Enhanced security features
Security is the most vital feature in Fedora. This open source operating system boasts Linux-based security, a feature that incorporates several security policies. For example, Linux Kernel and Linux Security modules allow mandatory access control.

2. Innovation
Fedora is well-known for its new open source software technologies. Its primary sponsor was responsible for a number of desktop enhancements including HAL, Policy Kit, Ogg Theora, Network Manager, D-Bus, and AIGLX. As you can see, Red hat has truly inspired amazing desktop enhancements.

3. Reliability
After using Fedora open source for the last five years, I can confirm its reliability. All features work with ease as expected, no problems whatsoever. While it does provide updates to several packages, most users agree that it is still reliable.

4. Graphical tools
Fedora is equipped with an array of graphical tools and features to help you have better control of the system. These tools include network shares, language settings, firewall, authentication, users, and web server.

5. Automatic Updates
Fedora open source also offers bug fixes for a more stable system, instead of introducing additional features on old versions. It does provide automatic updates to specific applications, like, Linux Kernel, KDE and Firefox. Therefore, there is no need of adding repositories with respect to unofficial builds.

6. Educational software
Fedora also has an addition known as groups. Simply install the group that you want, such as KDE, Java, Perl, GNOME, or even Kernel.
One downside of fedora open source is that you can not use Chromium web browser.

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