Benefits Of Automated Testing

Benefits of Automated Testing

Automated testing refers to using software for controlling text execution, comparing actual results to predicted results as well as other test functions. It is mainly done using a computer, instead of manually. Using automated testing provides several benefits in comparison with other testing methods. The following are key benefits of automated testing.

1. Early location of problems

Automated tests offer an important advantage of locating problems very early during development. The earlier and quicker problems are located, the cheaper the cost of fixing them. An automated test effectively finds problems even before the product reaches the consumer. For instance, in software development most key complications in the new code will be uncovered prior to the checking in of the code to source control.

2. Flexible development process

At times it might be essential to fix certain problems and then deploy the fixes rapidly. Even with the best efforts, you are likely to find that a problem will occur and a vital feature might stop working. The release of quick fixes is always risky since no one is certain about the side effects that the changes are going to have. However, running automated tests with the recommended fixes is beneficial and they ought to reveal any undesirable effects. If ever the need of publishing a hotfix arises, automated testing enhances your likelihood of doing so successfully without creating new problems.

3. Better code writing

An automated test fosters better code writing as it watches over the code in space and time. With regards to time, this particular test makes certain that the written code works both now as well as in the years to come. In the space dimension, automated tests helps in guaranteeing that the new code works well with other codes.

The key shortcoming associated with automated testing is that there is no or limited human insight, leading to conflicting results.

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