Benefits Of Microsoft Excel

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Benefits of Microsoft Excel

Although I know most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel, let us discuss some of its many benefits you need to consider. Microsoft Excel is an Office application that allows you to store and manipulate graph data. It features a set of formulas as well as programming that give you the freedom to personalize your worksheet. Listed below are the perks of using Microsoft Excel in Office applications.

1. Create professionally-looking worksheets
Build professional-looking worksheets with only a few clicks using charting features in the user friendly interface. You can also apply visual enrichments to your worksheets such as transparency, 3-D effects and soft shadowing. Since the charting mechanism in Excel suit and MS Word 2007 are compatible, you can build and interact with multiple charts in a similar fashion.

2. Support for managing tables
Create, filter and expand tables in a way that suits your needs. When viewing data in a sizeable table, MS Excel keeps headings in close view while scrolling. Additionally, you can use all the tools you needs on the user friendly interface. Depending on the task you want done, whether it’s writing a new formula or creating tables, Office Excel offers all the appropriate tools and commands on the go.

3. Create and interact with PivotTable views
You can use PivotTable views to rearrange data to a way that helps you tackle multiple questions with ease. Find the solutions you need and create PivotTable views by dragging various fields where you need them displayed.

4. Better file recovery
With the new XML format, you can use Office Excel to reduce file size as well as better data recovery. This new format provides convenience especially when it comes to bandwidth and storage requirements. Additionally, you can adjust the spreadsheet into HTML so that anyone can make modifications on any web browser.

Despite having a number of perks, Microsoft Excel is always vulnerable to virus attacks spread through macros.

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