Benefits Of API

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Benefits of API

API stands for application program interface and it refers to some protocols, tools and routines for creating software applications. An excellent API makes developing a program much easier through offering all the required building blocks. The programmer then arranges the blocks to come up with a program.

1. Promotes consistency
The reason why APIs are developed is to mainly promote consistency. Operating environments like MS Windows offer an API to enable programmers to write applications that are consistent with that operating environment. This prevents issues of the program being unable to run properly.

2. Simplifies learning
Even though an API is essentially made for programmers, it is ultimately beneficial for users as well. This is due to the simple fact that it ensures that each program that uses a standard API is going to have a similar interface. This will make it simpler for new users to learn how to use the programs.

3. Benefits programmers
When creating programs, programmers have to face several challenges. A major challenge is compatibility with an operating system. An API allows the programmers to easily overcome this challenge as it products the protocols for creating the programs. This means programmers will have an easy time creating programs provided they adhere to the API.

4. Easy program development
It is very simple to develop a program if you base it on the provided API. The API functions like the building block and all you have to do is to organize these building blocks together. There are several sample applications that you can use to assist you start up. Actually, less experienced users and programmers can not only develop but also hone their programs through using Excel prior to moving onto a robust language.

As you have seen, an API is important in the field of programming as it promotes trouble-free program development.

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