Benefits Of STPI

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Benefits of STPI

Software Technology Parks of India, commonly known as (STPI) was established back in 1991 and has reached its peak as a major outsourcing company. It was primarily initiated with an aim of providing cost effective solutions, but after knowing there involved additional benefits it ventured into software development as well. Apart from providing cost effective solutions, there are a number of benefits your company can get from outsourcing software development from STPI.

1. Cost effective

The primary benefit of outsourcing software services from STPI is obviously due to the fact that they provide cost effective solutions. This is mainly as a result of relatively cheap labor and currency difference. Since most companies want their projects delivered on time, STPI ensures that their customers get their projects on time without any delay whatsoever.

2. Data confidentiality

The government also plays a role in enhancing growth of outsourcing companies by setting up initiatives such as Protection of intellectual Property Rights (IPR), as well as Software Technology Park of India. By providing data confidentiality, software outsourcing firms can serve their customers better.

3. Customer satisfaction

Outsourcing companies simply aim at keeping their clients happy and they believe that customer satisfaction is the key to making profits. Therefore, they ensure that they provide quality service so as to retain loyal clients.

4. Broadens the horizon

There are a number of outsourcing firms in India seeking to broaden their horizons abroad since they are certified. This empowers more companies to attempt outsourcing their services to other countries.

5. New technology

By investing in new technology, you are assured that your company is operating proficiently, efficiently and within the set deadlines. With that in mind, make sure you invest your resources in renowned outsourcing companies such as STPI to maximize your returns.

Although the company offers data confidentiality, services like tax preparation and payroll processing may expose your firm’s confidential information.

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