Benefits of Paying Taxes

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business-1Benefits of Paying Taxes

The word ‘tax’ only reminds us of the last minute running around to file tax returns at the end of the year. Everybody thinks of ways to evade or deduct the tax they need to pay. We never relate to tax when we make demands to the government regarding public utility facilities or better education or Medicare. Ever wonder where our taxes go? Ever wonder how the government would finance the public utilities and amenities that we demand for common good? Well taxes are the income that government gets to take care of all our social and community needs. So, how does paying taxes benefit us? Let’s look at some of the benefits of paying tax.

1.Income for running the government:

The government is also an institution or organization. It has its requirements of infrastructure, people, utilities, and equipments. As in the case of all organizations, it also requires finance to take care of all its needs. So where does the government get its finances from – obviously, from the taxes that we pay. The taxes that we pay are used for remunerating all the government representatives, officers, administrators, and employees and for all other expenses related to the running of the government machinery.

2.Public utilities and amenities:

We wait with eagerness and enthusiasm when our representatives make promises of roads, over bridges, highways, free education, free medication, job opportunities, etc. during election campaigns. And after elections we complain when the government does not fulfill its promises. We often forget the fact, although technically the government is responsible for fulfilling these commitments, it can plan and accomplish these only if we pay our taxes correctly. Our taxes are what help the government to fulfill its promises. In fact the next time you drive through the highway, remember that you have contributed towards its construction and maintenance and you can be proud of that fact.

3.Free Education and Medicare:

The taxes that we pay are what enable the lesser privileged many to get a good education and healthcare that they cannot afford themselves. In fact the government is able to work out plans of free primary education or free high school and college education for the under privileged only because of the income that it gains from tax payers.

4.Social Security:

Imagine calling 911 and not having help reach you in an emergency. Imagine being robbed and not having a police station to lodge a complaint or seek assistance. Well, if everyone starts evading taxes and refusing to pay it, probably these scenarios would be a reality. The taxes that you pay are what help the government to create the police force and pay for its services.

5.National security:

Your taxes not only support the internal security forces but also the national security personnel. These security forces are what protect our country from external enemies and terrorists who threaten the security and peace of the nation.

6.Social responsibility:

Paying taxes creates a sense of social responsibility in all citizens. When people pay taxes the sense that they are the financiers for social amenities also makes them responsible citizens. They are keener to protect and utilize these amenities in the most effective and efficient manner.

Thus, the next time you think of evading tax or wonder why the government can’t create a tax-free budget, think of all these benefits and what the lack of these would mean to the society. Probably it doesn’t take much to realize taxes are a very vital aspect for the smooth running of the society.

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