Benefits Of Android 2.1

Benefits of Android 2.1

The Android 2.1 is basically new open source software that was recently released by Google. This particular software platform offers many benefits in contrast with various operating systems such as Symbian and Microsoft mobile as shown below.

1. Enables voice controls

A key Android 2.1 benefit is that it provides the option of controlling your phone by voice. You can demand the phone to take you somewhere through step by step voice directions. In addition, it is also possible to send text messages, emails and tweets just by talking to your phone and telling it what you desire to say. This feature assists to save a lot of time that would have been spent manually texting.

2. Interactive wallpapers

Even though this particular feature does not enhance the Android’s functionality, it makes Android devices appear prettier. There are various animated wallpapers onboard and you can also interact with these wallpapers if you like. For instance, if your animated wallpaper features water, then touching the screen causes ripples to appear.

3. Allows for upgrade

Most Android users are going to be capable of upgrading their devices to the new Android 2.1. Examples of devices that can upgrade to 2.1 include the Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Hero among others. Furthermore, all new Android devices are also going to benefit from this upgrade.

4. Dynamic weather application

The weather application that is featured on the Android 2.1 comprises lively weather updates. In fact, this app makes use of GPS to provide instant accounts of humidity, temperature and other weather updates in your present location.

5. Better photo gallery

The Android 2.1 has a better photo gallery that allows you to effortlessly browse your pictures. Photo albums are also well-organized by date, time and location.

Since Android 2.1 is open source platform, it increases the likelihood of hacking Android phones.

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