Benefits Of MVC

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Benefits of MVC

Model view controller or MVC is an architectural pattern commonly used in software engineering. It creates a distinction on how the software isolates data, and the way it interacts with the end user.

1. Supports multiple views

The main advantage of the MVC pattern is that it creates clear distinction, thereby allowing multiple displays from the same model. For instance, several pages on a web application can use the same data objects. The other example is a website application that allows you to completely transform the look of the pages. This simply means the pages display the same information but show it using a different way.

2. Accommodates change.

The end user interface requirements often change rapidly with time. Users might prefer different screen layouts, fonts, colors, and support for new technology such as PDAs and cell phones. Since the model or device does not rely on the views, the user can add new kinds of views. This lays a foundation for more specialization of such a pattern like Front Controller and Page controller.

3. Complexity

The model introduces new stages of indirection, thereby increasing the complexity of the interface codes. This actually means the interface becomes more difficult to repair.

4. Clarity

It creates a division between Controllers, Views and Models. Basically, it enforces a distinction between the Model (data), controller (business logic), and View (presentation logic) of an application.

5. Flexibility

The model provides a concrete development procedure by defining how objects might take properties from several models. It allows the end user to configure objects by defining several properties through the Java interface.

While coding the frameworks, you may not find any helpers or library which might be useful. In addition, PHP frameworks are not designed for small projects since it is a simple custom coding project.

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