Benefits of ring topology

Benefits of ring topology Ring topology refers to a technique used in configuring computer networks. ‘ Its main feature is the connection of nodes from each network to the other in order to create a ring-like pattern. ‘ Networks that may be configured with ring topology include both local area networks and wide area networks. ‘ With nodes … Read more

Benefits of ESX

Benefits of ESX ESX refers to product from VMWare Inc. that is intended for computer virtualization. ‘ It is part of the VMWare Infrastructure and provides various benefits to the main server. ‘ VMWare ESX is widely used as the server of choice when it comes to consolidation needs. ‘ With its wide use and popularity in the … Read more

Benefits of updated software

Benefits of updated software Many people have always wondered why computer software needs to be updated regularly or at least every now and then. ‘ Some are not so tech-savvy which is why they question the need for software updates when their existing software is still working just fine. When it comes to the software developer, … Read more

Benefits of BitLocker

Benefits of BitLocker BitLocker is yet another innovative Microsoft security product designed to protect information on computers. It is only available on machines that are running the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of the popular Windows 7. This protection feature is designed to protect all the data on the hard drive. 1. Better hard disk disposal … Read more

Benefits of KVM Switch

Benefits of KVM Switch KVM switch refers to a switch that connects a keyboard, mouse and video together. Such switches are usually common in assembly lines, server rooms and help desks where multiple computers are used. There are numerous advantages to using a KVM switch as discussed here. 1. Increase efficiency Any setting where there … Read more

Benefits of Two Monitors

Using two monitors has long been promoted like the best method of multitasking. Most computer users are always looking for ways of doing their regular computing needs easily. One way that this can be achieved is through using two monitors. This increases efficiency and also simplifies the process of multitasking. 1. Better multitasking Multitasking is … Read more

Benefits Of CCNA

Benefits of CCNA CCNA is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Associate. This popular computer networking course was developed by Cisco Systems to impart knowledge on basic competency of support and installation in medium sized networks. Overall, CCNA certified professionals are able to configure, install and operate WAN, LAN and dial access services for small … Read more

Benefits Of Mobile Computing

Benefits of Mobile Computing The invention of computers truly changed how we do stuff. These days almost everything is computerized. With mobile computing, you can complete your assignments in motion or work at the comfort of your own home. A good example of mobile computing is personal laptops that provide great convenience. 1. Location flexibility … Read more

Benefits Of Keyboarding

Benefits of Keyboarding A very famous device in our lives, the keyboard was modeled after the classic typewriter keyboard. An input device, the keyboard eases the operations of a computer through entering commands as well as characters into the computer. With majority of keyboards being in the QWERTY format some have different layouts. The following … Read more

Benefits Of DDR3

Benefits of DDR3 Random access memory or RAM is also known as volatile memory. DDR3 is a new type of RAM that shares some similarities with DDR2. Basically, RAM directly affects your computer’s performance and speed, particularly when you are running memory-intensive applications like graphic editing or playing video games. Nonetheless, DDR3 is only adapted … Read more

Benefits Of LED Backlight

Benefits of LED Backlight The LED backlight technology has actually been around for several years, but it has started to make its way to computer displays and mainstream televisions. Traditional LCD displays usually use the cold cathode fluorescent lamps for backlighting, while the new displays are now using LED backlight. There are numerous advantages of … Read more

Benefits Of Random Sampling

Benefits of Random Sampling Random sampling method provides everyone in the population an equal opportunity of being chosen as a subject. The whole sampling process is performed in one step with every subject chosen independently of other members in the population. Random sampling may be done through using several methods such as the lottery technique … Read more

Benefits Of Top down Design

Benefits of Top down Design Computer programming was cumbersome in the early days because it was not possible to break projects into smaller sections. Around 1971, top-down design were introduced in the mainstream and offered a number of perks. Basically, it breaks programming into smaller subsections that are further polished until they are readable. This … Read more

Benefits Of Automated Testing

Benefits of Automated Testing Automated testing refers to using software for controlling text execution, comparing actual results to predicted results as well as other test functions. It is mainly done using a computer, instead of manually. Using automated testing provides several benefits in comparison with other testing methods. The following are key benefits of automated … Read more

Benefits Of Information Technology

Benefits of Information Technology Information technology mainly focuses on computer applications. The normal work environment nowadays is totally reliant on computers. Information technology has made tablet computers, PDAs and laptops as well other mobile devices common devices in the place of work. Below are benefits of information of technology. 1. Enables networking Most businesses nowadays … Read more

Benefits Of System Integration

Benefits of System Integration Customer relationship management is a popular method used to gather information from different computer systems and present it using a single view. It may help gather information for accounting records, consumer support databases and other relevant sources to ensure your company has interacted with your target audience. Therefore, system integration plays … Read more

Benefits Of GUI

Benefits of GUI GUI or Graphical User Interface is a technological interface that most people are used to. In the past, you commanded a computer through using text commands. It is obvious that the point followed by a click approach in computing offered several advantages as compared to the text based method. The following are … Read more

Benefits Of Skype

Benefits of Skype Skype is the innovative computer software that enables users to make free calls online to other Skype users all over the globe. This software is obtained for free from the Skype site and it can be utilized on almost all operating systems and computers. Further down are benefits of using Skype. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of UPS

Benefits of UPS Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a form of battery back up which allow computers to function for a short period during power outage so that you can save data. This system comes in handy to ensure there is no data loss. 1. Provides reliable power Uninterruptible power supply offers numerous benefits which … Read more

Benefits of More RAM

Benefits of More RAM Upgrading the Random Access Memory of your computer is the most economical and quickest method of increasing performance. Most new computers normally come with a small amount of RAM installed. Adding more computer memory is the best method of enhancing your computer and the installation process is quite simple. 1. Easier … Read more

Benefits Of Networking

Benefits of Networking A network is more than several computers with wires between them. If it is properly executed a network system can provide its users unique capabilities and advantages than what individual machines can provide. Networking is actually very valuable since modern businesses depend on the management and intelligent flow of information. 1. Enables … Read more

Benefits Of CTI

Benefits Of CTI CTI is the abbreviation of Computer Telephony Integration and deals with bridging the gap amid telephone system and the business applications. CTI helps to links up computers and telephones in a way to provide ease of handling all fax, voice, and data traffic. Identification and implementation of the correct solution helps to … Read more

Benefits Of CSS

Benefits Of CSS Every webpage appearing on your computer screen has three major components or layers. These are its content, its presentation, and behavior. TheÂ’ content layerÂ’ comprises of the information that the author wants to convey to the users and is fixed within XHTML or HTML. Presentation layerÂ’ describes the appearance of the content to a user … Read more

Benefits of Ubuntu

Benefits of Ubuntu Ubuntu, one of the latest and most widely downloaded distributions of Linux has also become the most favorite flavor in a very short span of time. So what has made Ubuntu endearing to users? To understand that you must first understand what a distribution means. Linux consists of the kernel, libraries, and … Read more

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Benefits Of Cloud computing Cloud computing is a computing system where tasks are assigned via a combination of services, connections, and software over a wide network. This collection of connections is called known as a ‘cloud’ and hence the term cloud computing. It facilitates the users to sort from a huge amount of data. It … Read more

Benefits Of Computer Network

Benefits Of Computer Networking Technically speaking networking can be defined as a bunch of computers that have with wires running in between them. If proper implementation of a network is done it acts as a system that provides unique capabilities, to its users. These are much beyond the abilities of individual machines and software applications … Read more