Benefits of ESX

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Benefits of ESX

ESX refers to product from VMWare Inc. that is intended for computer virtualization. ‘ It is part of the VMWare Infrastructure and provides various benefits to the main server. ‘ VMWare ESX is widely used as the server of choice when it comes to consolidation needs. ‘ With its wide use and popularity in the server management industry, the original ESX has led to the development of ESXi, a smaller server option. ‘ VMWare ESX can provide the following benefits:

1. Great performance

With the recent upgrades on the virtualization software, ESX is able to provide great performance in terms of scalability and networking. One good thing about ESX is that is can be scaled with multiple virtual machines. ‘ There are also continuous updates on the networking side that makes all processes run efficiently.

2. ‘ Better memory management

In terms of memory, the management unit which takes care of handling is also enhanced for better functioning. ‘ This simply translates to memory utilization that is higher than the actual memory of the hardware or physical server. ‘ This process is achieved by an efficient configuration on the server’s virtual memory capabilities. ‘ The use of memory is also maximized in the sense that ESX can easily shift idle parts of the virtual network to active machines. ‘ In a process called memory ballooning, paging areas of the idle parts of the network are still utilized to supply the requirements of the active parts or machines.

3. ‘ Multi-processor functionality

ESX servers are also configured to handle up to four processors all at the same time. ‘ With this kind of power, VMWare ESX can handle even those applications that need very intensive power from the processor while at the same time working on other virtualization concerns.

Deploying VMWare ESX basically gives the robustness, efficiency, and reliability to the virtualization needs of servers and networks. ‘ With management and reliability services included in the package, VMWare ESX is good investment for enterprises to take.

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