Benefits of Neptune lounge

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Benefits of Neptune lounge

The Neptune lounge is an exclusive area for dining, entertainment, and relaxation at all Holland America cruise ships. ‘ Only those who booked luxury or deluxe rooms are given access to the lounge. ‘ Those who have been on cruise ships before but unable to gain access to the lounge have always wondered what people get when allowed access to this exclusive relaxation area. ‘ The following are some of the benefits of the Neptune lounge:

1. Lots of freebies

The Neptune lounge is intended for the relaxation and entertainment of eligible guests and the area is basically filled with lots of free food and spaces to relax or watch some shows on a wide-screen TV. ‘ Coffee is served all day along with other drinks. ‘ Snacks are also available buffet style and sometimes it makes it unnecessary for people to order food outside of the lounge. ‘ From breakfast up to dinner time, people can find various snack items to choose from ranging from sandwiches to fruits and drinks.

2. Concierge service

Concierge services may also be availed at the lounge wherein guests and passengers may seek assistance in terms of restaurant bookings or travel excursions and packages. ‘ Cruise passengers may also inquire about car rental services in various ports of call and other travel-related issues.

3. Exclusive space

The lounge also offers a sense of exclusivity and privacy as it can only be accessed by eligible passengers. ‘ Those inside the Neptune lounge can basically have some private time to do some dining and other relaxation activities.

The Neptune lounge is something that eligible cruise ship passengers of Holland America should take advantage of. ‘ Access is only for those who booked deluxe rooms and so guests should avail of the free lounge access to get the most value from their hard-earned money. ‘ The Neptune lounge is not only a fun choice or service to avail but also a practical one.

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