Benefits Of Cloud Computing

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computer1Benefits Of Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a computing system where tasks are assigned via a combination of services, connections, and software over a wide network. This collection of connections is called known as a ‘cloud’ and hence the term cloud computing. It facilitates the users to sort from a huge amount of data. It is like purchasing land, then building infrastructure and leasing the flats. In doing so, the investor gets big profits; the customers get access to computing benefits in little expenditure. The provider hosts a combination of software on the internet, which is accessed by customers. They make use of these resources as a service, and pay just for the things they make use of. Yahoo and Google are excellent examples of cloud computing. The many benefits of cloud computing includes:

1.Cost effective in nature.
With the increasing use of cloud computing, the use of technology is just like the use of traditional utilities such as electricity. You need to pay for the amount of facility that you use and pay only till you use it. This enables the companies to save money for important business activities. Additionally, it gives medium and small businesses a chance to access technology just like a resource.

2.Optimum utilization of resources.
While integrating infrastructure, platform and software in form of a service cloud computing results in economies of resources and costs. The pooling of resources leads to superior performance of the complete system. As the load is managed from a single central source it is done in an effective manner and the server capacity is completely used. This is a win-win situation for both the host and the users. Thus, cloud computing results in improved resource consumption, and is thus quite cost effective.

3.Greater independence to the user.
In cloud computing the entire infrastructure is maintained and kept by an intermediary provider. The customers access the services through the internet, by using web browser. Thus the users get access to the utility through a PC, a laptop or other handled devices independent of the place of use and the infrastructure.

4.Enhanced monitoring by the provider.
This model of computing improves monitoring of the entire system by the service provider. Thus, this kind of a system is more secured.

5.Simplified usage.
By offering self service system interfaces to the users, cloud computing simplifies the usability of the system by the user. The user doesn’t need to worry about the back end engineering processes and other parameters related to its functioning. Users don’t need to install any application on the system, thus saving them from the hassles of ongoing operation, software maintenance, and support.

Apart from all the above advantages, cloud computing is an eco friendly technology. The amount of harm it causes to the environment is minimal and is thus popularly used all through the world.

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