Benefits Of Random Sampling

Benefits of Random Sampling

Random sampling method provides everyone in the population an equal opportunity of being chosen as a subject. The whole sampling process is performed in one step with every subject chosen independently of other members in the population. Random sampling may be done through using several methods such as the lottery technique or the computer-assisted random selection. Whichever random sampling method you choose, you will experience the following benefits.

1. Simple to use
A main random sampling advantage is that it is very easy to assemble the sample. Many expert researchers also consider random sampling like a fair method of taking samples from a certain population because each member is provided equal chances of being chosen. Furthermore, it is cheap to administrate as well.

2. Represents the population
The other reason why most researchers prefer random sampling over other research methods is the fact it represents the whole population. The only factor that may compromise the representativeness of random sampling is luck. Such a compromise usually results in a sampling error and a good method of preventing this error is to make certain that random sampling is properly done.

3. Clear conclusions
Because random sampling offers an unbiased selection and it is highly representative, it enables researches to draw clear conclusions from results gotten from the study. Keep in mind that the main objective of doing research is the capability of making conclusions concerning the whole population from results obtained from sampling. This means that the representativeness of samples got through using random sampling can be used for making generalizations concerning the specific population.

The most apparent limitation of using random sampling technique is its requirement of a full list of everyone in the population. The list may not be accessible for huge populations and thus other research methods should be considered.

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