Benefits of ring topology

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Benefits of ring topology

Ring topology refers to a technique used in configuring computer networks. ‘ Its main feature is the connection of nodes from each network to the other in order to create a ring-like pattern. ‘ Networks that may be configured with ring topology include both local area networks and wide area networks. ‘ With nodes connecting several networks into one, signals are able to travel through the entire network without any hindrance or blockage. ‘ Although not all computer networks are best configured with ring topology, some small enterprises may actually take advantage of this networking technique as it provides the following benefits:

1. ‘ Better Organization

With nodes from several networks connected to each other, ring topology literally makes the network pattern neat and orderly. ‘ Another great thing about the ring-like pattern is that each node or device connected to the network is able to initiate data transfer or transmission.

2. ‘ No Network Collision

The ring-like configuration involved in ring topology only allows for a single direction when it comes to signals. ‘ With a smooth network between nodes of different devices connected to the network, transmission of signals will flow smoothly and swiftly and without the hassle of collision because of the one-direction signal policy.

3. Easier maintenance

Networks configure with ring topology are also easier to maintain than other network configurations. ‘ This is because each node or device is given equal access to the network’s resources. ‘ In this way, devices that need the resources will be able to utilize them while the other parts will be on standby mode. ‘ With this kind of setup, ring topology basically allows networks to self-maintain.

Ring topology is great way to configure the networks of small enterprises and businesses since it provides an efficient and economical way in maintaining these networks. ‘ There is also less wiring involved and the ring-like pattern makes everything orderly and organized.

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