Benefits Of Keyboarding

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Benefits of Keyboarding

A very famous device in our lives, the keyboard was modeled after the classic typewriter keyboard. An input device, the keyboard eases the operations of a computer through entering commands as well as characters into the computer. With majority of keyboards being in the QWERTY format some have different layouts. The following are the benefits of keyboarding;-

1. Access computer features
Using the keyboard you can gain access to several features of the computer. With internet connection buttons, search buttons and more, the keyboard allows for easier access to very common features of the computer. Keyboarding helps reduce mouse clicks and allows for quick access to these features than it would normally take while using a mouse.

2. Gets work done faster
The keyboard has various keys on it. Using keyboard short cuts drastically improves on the speed of carrying out certain tasks. An example would be when you need to select everything in a 68 page document. While you can use the mouse to select all these, it can be easily done using the keyboard by selecting the Ctrl key + A. You can also use the keyboard to copy and paste images, words and graphs easily.

3. Provides short cuts
As described in the afore-mentioned point, the keyboard provides lots of short cuts especially when accessing and running various applications. This however depends on how these applications are coded. While some applications will have many short cuts like Ms. Word, others might not have many short cut keys and will require the use of the mouse every now and then.

4. Gaming with ease
Some keyboards have extra keys which normally come in handy for people who like playing games on the computer. Aside from the extra keys, some games are played using certain keys in the keyboard.

Despite of having many benefits and being useful in our daily routine, using the keyboard for long periods of time can cause repetitive strain injury.

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