Benefits Of CTI

Benefits Of CTI

CTI is the abbreviation of Computer Telephony Integration and deals with bridging the gap amid telephone system and the business applications. CTI helps to links up computers and telephones in a way to provide ease of handling all fax, voice, and data traffic. Identification and implementation of the correct solution helps to reduce operating costs associated with all the above processes. CTI also improves the quality and class of service, which a company is capable of providing to its customers. The decision regarding the implementation of CTI chiefly depends on whether or not the business is phone intensive. If the company employees spend a lot of time talking on the phone, receiving or making phone calls, CTI will surely be useful. There are many benefits of installing CTI for such businesses. A few of these advantages include:

1.Helps to reduce costs.
Labor owes about fifty percent of the cost of running a call center or a service center. Communication charges cost about 40 per cent of the total cost and less than 10 per cent amount is spent in equipment. Installation of CTI at such places can be successful even if it saves a few seconds on every call. This will surely help to make a big difference, increasing the efficiency of the agents, helping them deliver better services. This will thus dramatically reduce the overheads of the company. CTI can help to reduce costs in the following ways.
CTI helps to reduce the average length of each call. This maximizes the number of minutes in which the actual talking takes place every hour. This ultimately reduces the number of people required to make the calls.
Reducing the requirement of telephone lines for providing calling services to the customers.
With the use of CLI or ANI, inbound abandoned calls are automatically called back.
Reflects professionalism in the behavior of the company, which in turn improves the image. This results in an increase in the number of customer calls.

2.Increases productivity
Implementation of CTI helps the organizations reduce the normal duration of every call. This ensures that a good percentage of time is used up productively. This spare time can be utilized for handling larger call volume, thus leading to increased productivity.

3.Improved customer service
Installation of CTI helps to improve the service provided by the company to its customers. This is done in the following ways:
Use of CLI or ANI helps to offer faster and personalized customer service.
Accuracy in the process of data entry.
Helps to retain customer information on the systems itself.

There are so many benefits of installing CTI for companies whose telephone usage is high. They should spend a little money in installing CTIO and get numerous benefits of it.

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