Benefits of updated software

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Benefits of updated software

Many people have always wondered why computer software needs to be updated regularly or at least every now and then. ‘ Some are not so tech-savvy which is why they question the need for software updates when their existing software is still working just fine. When it comes to the software developer, manufacturer, or the computer experts, software updates actually provide various benefits including the following:

1. Improved or new features

Most software updates provide new and improved features. ‘ If a particular graphics software for example has updates, it may mean more tools to create drawings and art. ‘ It could also mean improvements and enhancements on existing tools. The same graphics software may have provided 1000 colors to choose from in its last version but an update could mean more color schemes added to the color palette to give more graphics choices.

2. Improved functionality or security

Updated software may also mean an update in terms of functionality and improved security. ‘ In the case of anti-virus software for example, an update usually means more security features against new viruses and computer malware. For other computer applications, more functionality may be added to existing features.

3. Fresh new look

Software updates may also mean a fresher look or user interface. ‘ The basic look of a particular window or button could be enhanced to make it look more modern or updated. ‘ Some updates also provide more option to the user to change the look of a home screen for example. ‘ The new look could also be in the form of new widgets and applications that can be added to the existing software features.

Despite some hesitation for some people in terms of upgrading their existing software, experts still try to convince them that the benefits of updating software outweighs all their possible concerns. ‘ More often than not, the people that don’t like to update their software are those that have become so familiar with their chosen applications and do not want to change and learn the new features. ‘ With proper explanation though, many of these people will also be convinced of the various benefits of software updates.

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