Benefits of Ubuntu

computer1Benefits of Ubuntu

Ubuntu, one of the latest and most widely downloaded distributions of Linux has also become the most favorite flavor in a very short span of time. So what has made Ubuntu endearing to users? To understand that you must first understand what a distribution means. Linux consists of the kernel, libraries, and various applications. Each distribution of Linux is a different combination of these elements to make it more endearing to different types of users. And Ubuntu has found the favor of several users making it the most popular. So, what are the benefits of Ubuntu that makes it the favorite of users?

1.Freeware software:

One of the greatest advantages of this OS is that it is free of cost; it does not include any paid subscriptions, paid premium editions, or extra paid software. There is very little maintenance cost and it is easy to run and maintain. Further, if you just want to check out the OS, you have the option to boot from the CD, without installation, and try out the Ubuntu experience.


Ubuntu is easy to manage, starting right from its installation, startup, shutdown, initialization, and package management. It is simple to deploy and you can complete a typical installation of the standard services within 15 minutes. Also it does not include any additional extraneous applications that ultimately slow down the actual services that you want to run, making it fast and efficient.

3.Easy to upgrade and update:

The OS is easy to install and you can upgrade it to obtain the latest features. Also, it eases the process of obtaining updates through the Debian and APT packaging. These packages make the introduction of new software easy and smooth.


Ubuntu in itself is a hard-to-hack distribution, to add to that, the frequent updates and upgrades ensure that any further security risks are also eliminated.

5.Vast source of online help:

There is little chance you will get stuck up while installing or working with Ubuntu. Because there is a large source of online help available for any or all issues related to the working of and working with this OS and its related software.


Ubuntu is user-friendly and easily available and it can also be easily installed. The desktop is configurable and provides several options to users. Although by default it uses the Gnome desktop, which is the most popular among Linux users, you can also use the KDE desktop by installing the respective package. The KDE package is popularly referred to as Kubuntu.
Thus, Ubuntu is one OS, atleast for the time being, that can be considered a best bet for those struggling and thinking of moving away from Windows. Ubuntu is a clear indication that users are beginning to accept Linux as a better OS. Whether it is for personal use, for your organization, or for propagating computer education among your community, Ubuntu would be your best bet. Its secure environment, user-friendliness, and above all its ease of installation make it the most favored OS among users.

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