Benefits of ring topology

Benefits of ring topology Ring topology refers to a technique used in configuring computer networks. ‘ Its main feature is the connection of nodes from each network to the other in order to create a ring-like pattern. ‘ Networks that may be configured with ring topology include both local area networks and wide area networks. ‘ With nodes … Read more

Benefits Of VLAN Trunking Protocol

Benefits of VLAN Trunking Protocol VLAN Trunking Protocol or VTP refers to a messaging protocol responsible for managing the renaming, deletion and addition of VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks). Cisco’s VLAN Trunking Protocol lowers administration in switched networks. The following are major benefits of VLAN Trunking Protocol. 1. Better network management VTP lowers the possible … Read more

Benefits Of VPN

Benefits of VPN Virtual private network (VPN) is a leading solution to establishing secured long distance connections. They are often deployed (implemented) by organizations and business, but you can access virtual networks using your home network. It offers many benefits to large corporations, especially when it comes to wireless networking. 1. Increased security VPN has … Read more