Benefits of BitLocker

Benefits of BitLocker

BitLocker is yet another innovative Microsoft security product designed to protect information on computers. It is only available on machines that are running the Ultimate and Enterprise editions of the popular Windows 7. This protection feature is designed to protect all the data on the hard drive.

1. Better hard disk disposal

The encryption offered by BitLocker may be used like a disposal tool for unwanted hard drives. Rather than doing numerous formats whenever you want to get rid of a hard disk, you are guaranteed that without an accompanying password, a drive that as encrypted with BitLocker is simply irrecoverable. In short, a hard disk that is encrypted offers the advantage of highly secure disposal, particularly if it has been damaged physically and formatting it is impossible.

2. Prevents unauthorized modification

BitLocker helps to keep your boot environment safe from any unauthorized changes. It achieves this benefit through regularly inspecting the boot settings every time the pc is turned on. When BitLocker notices that some modifications have been done to your boot environment, the pc is forced to enter recovery mode.

3. Protects data

BitLocker helps to prevent the loss of vital information that is experienced when a computer storing crucial data is stolen. It prevents the thief from accessing the data, unless that individual also manages to steal the password also. However, the hard drive remains inaccessible and encrypted without the key.

4. Prevents offline attack

By encrypting the hard drive, BitLocker helps to offer protection from any offline attacks. However, it may not protect your data from network or local attacks when your computer is functioning normally. To ensure that you protect your data at all times, configure NTFS authorization and use EFS.

The current BitLocker version available is optimized for effective use by both end users and IT professionals.

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