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computer1Benefits Of CSS

Every webpage appearing on your computer screen has three major components or layers. These are its content, its presentation, and behavior. TheÂ’ content layerÂ’ comprises of the information that the author wants to convey to the users and is fixed within XHTML or HTML. Presentation layerÂ’ describes the appearance of the content to a user who accesses this document. TheÂ’ third layer the behavior layerÂ’ engages into real-time interaction between the user and the document and the task is usually handled by JavaScript.Â’ CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is an uncomplicated file that controls the visual look of a Web page and does not compromise with its structure. CSS is used to control the font color, font size, link color and several other attributes on the web page. Use of CSS reduces the page size, makes the HTML code readable and reduces the time taken to download a document. The many benefits of using CSS are:

1.Helps to improve accessibility.
Use of CSS in web pages helps to improve their accessibility principally by separating the document structure from its presentation. The design of CSS was initially designed have a precise control on the web page such as text alignment, character spacing, position of object on the page, font characteristics, audio output, etc. Separating style and markup has eased out the cleaning up of HTML in documents, thus improving the accessibility of the documents for the users.

2.Cleaner code
The code required for the successful working of the CSS is much less as compared to tables. As a result the code is lighter as well as cleaner. A clean code helps in the easy maintenance of the site.

3.High loading speed.
The presence of tables in the document reduces the speed of loading of web pages as the spider needs to crawl throughout every table. Use of CSS in designing web pages results in high speed loading pages as the all styles are contained in a single style sheet.

4.Helps to eliminate JavaScript.
Most people turn off the JavaScript while they surf the internet. This helps to prevent them from unwanted viruses and pop-ups. The same effect can be obtained by using You CSS navigation. Use of CSS facilitates rollovers and other affects that are quite user friendly.

5.CSS saves money.
Use of CSS will help to shorten the length of project development process. Is also eliminates the design obstacles, which usually occur when tables are being used. The same design sheets can be used for designing different websites, thus saving a lot of money and time involved in development of the websites.

In case your website is using a good number of tables consider the redesigning of website, as such a site will not help you to reap the benefits of CSS.

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