Benefits Of Ecotourism

nature-ecotourism-pdBenefits Of Ecotourism

According to International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism can be defined as a responsible and answerable travel to natural regions of the earth in such a way that no harm is caused to the natural environment. Ecotourism also aims at the welfare and development of the local community inhabiting the area. According to the department of Australian tourism Ecotourism is an ecologically sustainable tourism whose primary focus is on experiencing natural regions of the world. Such tourism fosters cultural conservation, understanding, and appreciation and aims at helping both the environment and the local community. Ecotourism has many benefits environment and the people, some of which include:

1.Beneficial for the environment.
Ecotourism is low impact tourism in which people makes planned effort to understand the environment, protect the natural resources, and invest sufficient revenues for protecting the natural habitat. Ecotourism also helps to protects animals and plants from the ill effects of conventional tourism

2.Beneficial for the local community.
Ecotourism benefits the local community residing in that natural area, in many ways. The number of visitors visiting a place increase as a result of which as it local people get various opportunities for employment and services. The concept and its application also help to stimulate the economy.

3.Socio-economic development.
Ecotourism brings new openings for small-scale investments in the region. This is a means socio-economic development especially in the developing countries.

4.Beneficial for the travelers.
Ecotourism offers educational and recreational travel without disturbing the natural environment. Travelers can look and admire the handicrafts made by the local artisans. Many times travelers purchase these products from them and thus support them economically. This also helps in conserving the local heritage of a place.

5.Generates source of income.
Eco tourism is attracting travel agencies and other people to open up hotels and motels in such places. Thus, it has become a chief source of income for people.

6.Ecotourism promotes energy conservation.
Ecotourism helps to promote energy conservation. As result less fuel is consumed, thus reducing the amount of harmful products released in the air.

7.Benefits to future generations.
Ecotourism promotes the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats. It thus ensures that natural resources managed in such a way that they are saved for future generations.
Ecotourism has recently gained popularity inÂ’ adventure trips like mountain climbing, bird watching, white water rafting, etc. In such travels, it is expected that visitors clean the mess and support in keeping the natural habitat undisturbed

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