Benefits Of SAAS Model

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Benefits of SAAS Model

SAAS can be described as software as a service or software on demand. This model is deployed to run on the internet or behind a firewall of a local area network or a personal computer. SAAS works by a provider licensing an application to his customers through a subscription in a pay as you go or service on demand model. The following are benefits of this model.

1. Low initial and ownership costs.
Because SAAA applications are based on subscriptions, no license charges mean low initial costs. If the SAAS provider manages the IT infrastructure it means that this will lower IT costs for software, hardware and IT specialists who might be needed to run it. SAAS vendors usually bundle all the necessary software, hardware and all the support services into one single fee. This consequently lowers the overall cost of ownership.

2. Zero infrastructure
Because the service provider hosts this application, you will not be required to invest in any infrastructure. All initial investment on licenses, hardware, databases, IT specialists and the likes are managed by the provider. Your customers will be able to access and use your application online on any kind of browser. This saves you any headache of looking for infrastructure.

3. High Adoption
SAAS applications can be available anywhere from whichever device you access the internet from. As many people can be able to use the internet to research on what they require, SAAS applications usually tend to have high adoption rates and low learning curves.

4. Painless Upgrades
Because SAAS providers usually manage all the required upgrades and updates, customers do not need to install or download any patches. Your SAAS provider will manage the availability so there will be no need for your customers to add any software, hardware or bandwidth.

Despite the many benefits that this product has, you cannot work on it if you have no internet connection.

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