Benefits Of SSADM

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Benefits of SSADM

SSADM stands for Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method and it is method of designing and examining information systems that was developed in the early 80’s. It uses an extensive 6-step procedure to establish how an information system should be updated or created. This complex and long analysis comes with numerous advantages as portrayed below.

1. Offers better understanding
Through using SSADM, a thorough and deep examination of a certain system is done. This reduces the likelihood of any data being misinterpreted at the early project stages. This can happen in systems where inadequate analyses are carried out on poorly imagined designs. Furthermore, because SSADM is normally used regularly, many people who are involved in that project will comprehend the process. The use of familiar processes prevents the requirement of training new staff, saving time and money.

2. Highly practical
When used together, the many SSADM stages form a beneficial set of real-world prescriptions that consider real challenges and conditions. This enables the designers to realistically think about the recommended information system. Key stages of SSADM include feasibility study, where the designer should establish if the recommended system is attainable and the study current system demands that current systems are reviewed. This ensures that all recommended changes are useful and necessary.

3. Coherent design
A coherent design of the required tools for designing the system makes the work of designers easier. SSADM helps to present such a coherent and logical presentation. Because of its logical nature, it emphasizes data analysis and comprises of techniques like data flow programs. Organizations must add information or data analysis into their systems as it will enable them to also consider alternate methods of acquiring desired information.

SSADM requires very large resources for proper implementation since every stage should be thoroughly completed before taking the next step. This can cost lots of money and also time.

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