Benefits of Piaget’s theory

Benefits of Piaget’s theory Piaget’s theory refers to the views about human intelligence and cognitive development by known psychologist, Jean Piaget. ‘ His theory is also known as the developmental stage theory in the world of psychology because of the comprehensive and many stages involved in the development of what people see, hear, feel, think, and … Read more

Benefits of Functional Behavioral Assessment

Benefits of Functional Behavioral Assessment Functional behavioral assessment is a test that is meant for identifying the reason for behaviors displayed by individuals with severe cognitive and communication problems. It is usually hard for such people to explain themselves, and that is why functional behavioral assessments had to be created. The following are key benefits … Read more

Benefits of Emerging Markets

Benefits of Emerging Markets Emerging Markets refer to countries that are experiencing increased growth for several years and are projected to outpace other developed or industrialized countries. ‘ In the past, people only consider the industrialized nations when it comes to business matters. ‘ But with growing trade between countries of all sizes, other nations have recorded … Read more

Benefits Of All Day Kindergarten

Benefits of All Day Kindergarten Kindergarten plays a very essential role in early childhood development as it gives young students the opportunity to gain exposure both in and out of the classroom. Thought it is not a requirement in many states, there are many benefits of enrolling your children in a kindergarten, from emotional and … Read more

Benefits Of Iterative Development

Benefits of Iterative Development Iterative development refers to delivering various parts of an application or system at frequent intervals, known as iterations. Iterations are made of various activities such as conducting analysis, forming application parts and then testing them. Eventually, certain functionalities may be integrated to the final merchandise. The advantages of iterative development are … Read more

Benefits Of Fedora

Benefits of Fedora Fedora is a Linux based operating system that is open source. It was designed to promote the development of free software. Spotify, a leading internet music player has now become a reality with fedora. Below are the reasons you should consider using an open source operating system. 1. Enhanced security features Security … Read more

Benefits Of Authoritarian Parenting

Benefits of Authoritarian Parenting Authoritarian parenting is a parenting style that is characterized by strict discipline, specific limitations and focus on children. It nurtures discipline virtues in the children and it also ensures healthy development. Practicing authoritarian parenting provides the following advantages. 1. Enhances safety A huge advantage of undertaking authoritative parenting is that it … Read more

Benefits Of OOP

Benefits of OOP Object oriented programming or OOP offers various advantages to both a user and program designer. It contributes to provide solutions to most of the problems linked to the development of software. OOP promises better programmer productivity, enhanced software quality and reduced expenses of maintenance. The major advantages of OOP include; 1. Increases … Read more

Benefits Of Business Networking

Benefits of Business Networking Many people now understand the importance of business networking not just for career development but for profession guidance as well. Strategically meeting your professional contacts and striving to maintain a strong relationship is very important for your business. While it has its downsides, the benefits of investing your time to improve … Read more

Benefits Of Messy Play

Benefits of Messy Play Messy play is essential for early childhood development and offers several opportunities for learning. When designing a classroom for young kids, it is important to nurture their growth in all areas to prepare them for kindergarten. 1. Physical Development Children should be given toys to learn and develop hand coordination and … Read more

Benefits Of Sports for Children

Benefits of Sports for Children Playing sports is essential for children’s overall development and it provides them more than physical benefits. Children benefit socially and academically as well from playing sports. These benefits are accessible to all children regardless of whether the child excels at sports or not. The following are benefits of sports for … Read more

Benefits Of Preschool Education

Benefits of Preschool Education Preschool education plays an essential role in early childhood development, both socially and academically. It prepares children socially, emotionally and academically for kindergarten. Attending preschool therefore has long term benefits for children to ensure that they are ready for a classroom environment. Read on and learn the reasons why you should … Read more

Benefits Of Reviewing

Benefits of Reviewing Reviewing involves using personal experiences for your development and learning. The reviewing process helps an individual to get more benefits from recreation, life and work. Alternative terms used to describe reviewing include reflection, debriefing and processing. Below are benefits of reviewing. 1. Creates new perspectives A key reviewing advantage is that it … Read more

Benefits Of Economic Development

Benefits of Economic Development Economic development refers to the enhancement in GDP and several other factors such as the improvement in average earnings of the people in a nation. Whenever a country’s GDP increases, it means that economic development has occurred, which is very beneficial to that country and its people. Further below are benefits … Read more