Benefits Of Software Assurance

Benefits of Software Assurance

Most large companies offer Software Assurance like a part of the licensing agreement. SA offers significant benefits to assist people upgrade and also get more from their existing software. It also provides support when required. Read on for more benefits of Software Assurance.

1. Easy upgrade
Anytime you are prepared to undertake an upgrade to new software versions, Software Assurance offers users version rights and no extra charge will be needed. It also provides deployment services and other benefits like online training for end uses.

2. Training
To ensure that your IT branch always stays updated on recent occurrences in the industry and also assist end users increase their productivity on the existing software, Software Assurance provides technical and classroom training..

3. Planning benefits
Software Assurance offers extensive planning services where users get on-site consultation services for creating a plan when deploying new software. This particular service is accessible for most desktop products like Exchange, OCS and Share point. These planning services are meant for enabling users get the most out of their software solutions.

4. Home use
Any worker uses MS Office Suite at work can also get a new copy of latest versions of either Office for Mac or Office Professional to be used at home through a cheap download. They can even request the installation program from SA for an extra fee for covering the costs.

5. E-learning
Software Assurance also provides E-learning lessons that are essentially interactive training concerning how best to use Microsoft products. Courses are made for maximum transfer of skills in the shortest of time. Assessments, expert advice, virtual labs and a nonlinear interactive approach makes e-learning highly flexible and engaging. Students should have an existing Windows Live account to sign up for a course.

Finally, to assist you maintain and keep your software running correctly, Software Assurance also comprises of a full day support benefit.

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