Benefits Of DB2

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Benefits of DB2

The development and use of software generally relies on a top – down method. For instance, DB2 connect provides new features that function to reduce IT costs, focusing limited resources on generating business value, and providing a resilient and secure information management system to protect your business valuable information asset.

1. Simplicity application development
An improved set of application tools eases application employment and simplifies database developments, including improved functionality for Visual Studio 2004 and new Developer Workbench. In addition, it has a rapid deployment application and many other features which allow you to develop more improved applications that can work across several DB2 servers.

2. Uses Java technology
Also, DB2 allows significant developments to the DB2 driver for SQLJ and JDBC have been created to keep enthusiast developers on the frontier of Java technology. These enhancements simplify the challenge associated with programming by adding two-phase commit abilities for multi-vendor information sources.

3. Reduce administration costs
With new improved features like response file installation developments, DB2 connect allows you to support your business needs rather than deploying database system. On the other hand, autonomic features like memory allocation reduce the time needed to tune and administer your database system.

4. Provides application enablement
DB2 connects is intended to leverage your business information. For those companies that have DB2 on IBM servers, DB2 provides application enablement, and highly robust communication substructure for connecting Windows, Web, Linux and so forth. It has new feature enhancements that help to improve programming challenges.

5. Improved auditing and security
The system provides a secure and safe environment but new regulations necessitate the use of new application features within the system software. It offers more improved development to enhance auditability and security in key areas.

Apart from the numerous benefits, DB2 also has its share of disadvantages as well. For starters, it is expensive and requires complicated licensing.

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