Benefits of SCCM

Benefits of SCCM

System Center Configuration Manager or SCCM is fast becoming the software installing technique of choice. It provides system administrators the benefit of controlling software installation, inventory tracking and security patch supervision from a single central server. The SCCM was designed by Microsoft and it is perceived to offer numerous advantages as illustrated below.

1. Enables automation
Through using SCCM, all software pushes are scheduled and this enables the periodic software upgrades and updates. This kind of automation is vital for enhancing effectiveness of the business. Moreover, the automation provided by the SCCM removes the overdependence on the user’s actions for computer system and network security.

2. Security benefits
The installation controls of the SCCM make certain that no person installs unauthorized software versions. This is done through blocking external installation sites such as Microsoft Installer and Java Sun. When used together with a secure desktop environment where users are not permitted to install any other application other than the ones accessible in the SCCM software, the danger of installation of unofficial and infected software versions is greatly lessened.

3. Lessens license consumption
Installation of applications can only be done following a user’s request. This lessens the license use by those people who normally install everything accessible in case they need them. Furthermore, software pushes in the SCCM can be utilized with highly secure machines, like those related to Windows Vista.

4. Simple installation
Installing the SCCM is very simple and no actions from the user are required when the software installs. Actually, SCCM enables automatic pushes that are normally done by the system administrators, and this removes the need of convincing all users within an organization to install the software.
SCCM does have its drawbacks also. For instance, silently installed applications in the SCCM might be easily mistaken for malicious software by the users.

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