Benefits Of Manual Transmission

Benefits of Manual Transmission

Cars are accessible fitted with either manual or automatic transmissions. The main manual transmission benefit is that the driver is offered total control of their vehicle. For those who are not able to choose which kind of transmission is best, then you should read the following article to know about the advantages of manual transmission.

1. Better control
Vehicles with manual transmission provide better control during driving since they have quicker shift response. This enables the driver to easily access additional power through shifting down on inclines. Actually, the careful manipulation of gears in slippery and snowy conditions offers a driver much better traction. Combining the quicker shift response together with the enhanced traction in cars with manual transmissions provides better control in adverse weather situations.

2. Less costly
Budget-conscious individuals can benefit significantly from buying vehicles that have manual transmissions. Not only is it cheap to purchase automobiles having manual transmission, but also these vehicles require less maintenance practices. The fluid used in manual transmission requires less regular changes as compared to that of automatic vehicles. Furthermore, if a manual vehicle breaks down, it is normally due the clutch that can be replaced for $1,200. This is a low amount in comparison to the $3,500 needed for fixing a vehicle having automatic transmission.

3. Fuel savings
Manual transmission offers considerable fuel savings, especially if you use the highway frequently. In addition, these cars can also attain better mileage within a city as compared to automatic cars. To attain this, the driver has to be active and alert. Some of the ways to save on fuel when driving manual vehicles include shifting to neutral when suitable, and also avoiding speeding when using lower gears.
The key disadvantage of manually transmitted vehicles is that they are difficult to learn how to master since they demand quick footwork. Drivers therefore take some time before becoming proficient in driving these kinds of vehicles.

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