Benefits Of Overly Secure Environment

Benefits of Overly Secure Environment

An overly secure environment is an area where a person feels comfortable and secure. A good example of a secure and pleasant environment is amongst our friends and family. Overly secure environments provide very many benefits to their members.

1. Provides support

People are usually accepted by their peers in an overly secure environment. Due to the nature of the supporting atmosphere, it is highly likely that you are going to find a helping hand whenever you need it. The members give up their rights and get adequate support in return. The more a person associates himself or herself with the overly secure environment, the more returns a person gets.

2. Enhances personal discipline

There are usually some set goals and objectives in an overly secure environment. If a person breaks any rules, the group can decide to banish him or her. This means that all members are most likely going to be highly disciplined to steer away from any expulsion from the group. This eventually leads to an increase in personal discipline.

3. Reduces stress

Since all group goals are clearly stated, overly secure environments reduce the levels of stress and tension in the group. For instance, in a soccer team there are various roles and goals as well as the presence of an organized hierarchy including the manager, coach, assistants and players among others. When the roles of people in an overly secure environment like this have been clearly defined, stress levels generally decrease and proper clarity is attained.

4. Reduces conflict

The other benefit of an overly secure environment is the fact that it reduces cases of conflict. This is because each group has its own rules that members follow and thus it enhances unity.

However, overly secure environments are usually very slow with regards to implementing new changes. Any attempt at altering group rules causes stress and faces objection.

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