Benefits of fermented cod liver oil

Fermented cod liver oil or FCLO is produced naturally by prolonged soaking of wild cod livers in salt and water brine, which allows the livers to ferment naturally and thereafter draining off the resulting oil that has accumulated on the top. The process of fermentation of cod livers for extraction of its oil is an … Read more

Benefits of sashimi

Benefits of sashimi Sashimi refers to a Japanese dish involving fresh fish that is served raw. ‘ For many Japanese, eating raw fish meat is not only delicious but also nutritious. Following tradition from their ancestors, many Japanese people today continue to eat raw food like sashimi. ‘ This particular food item has also become popular outside … Read more

Benefits Of Anchovies

Benefits of Anchovies Anchovies are nutritious salt fish commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. They have silvery scale and are slender. Anchovies are often used for culinary purposes; can either be salted or smoked not to mention they are readily available. They form an excellent nutritional plan for those seeking to lower their … Read more

Benefits Of Aquaculture

Benefits of Aquaculture Fish farming or aquaculture has been practiced for centuries. With improvements in technology, fish farming has grown in the past few years and has become a successful industry. While environmental extremists and commercial fishermen often come up with reasons to belittle aquaculture, here are the reasons why fish farming has become popular. … Read more

Benefits Of Triple Strength Fish Oil

Benefits of Triple Strength Fish Oil Triple strength fish oil offers a healthy source for the essential fatty acids. Consuming this fish oil lowers triglycerides, lessening the risk of death due to strokes or abnormal heartbeats. In fact, health experts recommend a healthy amount of triple strength fish oil in the diet . Here are … Read more

Benefits Of Taking Fish Oil

Benefits of Taking Fish Oil Did you know that fish oil has health benefits? Well, research has shown many medicinal properties of taking fish oil, from improving digestion to treating conditions like cystitis, prostatitis and osteoporosis. Read further to find out some of the benefits you can reap by taking fish oil regularly. 1. Anti-inflammation … Read more

Benefits Of Tilapia

Benefits of Tilapia Tilapia is a type of fish native to the tropical climates throughout the world. It is mainly farmed in China and it is a strong, prolific and fast-growing fish. Tilapia provides a good protein source with low calorie and fat content. The following are benefits of regular consumption of tilapia. 1. Highly … Read more

Benefits Of Sushi

Benefits of Sushi Sushi is a type of fish that has numerous health benefits. Apart from providing an excellent source of protein, consumption of sushi can help improve your health, as well as cardiovascular function. Here are some of the benefits you can reap by incorporating sushi into your nutrition. 1. Lowers cholesterol level Sushi … Read more

Benefits Of Sardines

Benefits of Sardines Sardines are small fish often packed in glass bottles or tin cans. Most people consume sardines because it does not require any preparation whatsoever, thus it is a convenient meal to eat after a long day’s work. Read on to find out some of the health benefits you can get by incorporating … Read more

Benefits Of Salmon

Benefits of Salmon Salmon is a popular species of fish found in fresh water rivers as well as in salty sea. It is commonly used in many Chinese restaurants due to its unique flavor and its many health benefits. Salmon contain essential vitamin A, potassium, niacin, calcium, iron and zinc responsible for overall body health. … Read more

Benefits Of Tuna

Benefits of Tuna The nutritious tuna fish is a delicacy in different parts of the world, due to its meaty texture and intense flavor. It is considered as a culinary delicacy and is popular in coastal parts of the world. Many people believe that eating tuna is beneficial to ones health, from lowering blood pressure … Read more

Benefits Of Aquarium Salt

Benefits of Aquarium Salt Adding salt to your freshwater aquarium provides numerous benefits, according to experts. Read on to learn how changing the salt concentration in your aquarium could possibly benefit fish. 1. Fights diseases A major health benefit of aquarium salt is that it is used in the treatment of various diseases such as … Read more

Benefits Of Fish

Benefit Of Fish The benefits of fish have been both widely promulgated and postulated. From Omega 3 acids to just being healthier than most meats, many parents have pondered whether or not to change their children’s diets. Many households must consider the possible higher cost of a fish based menu. The proceeding facts should help … Read more

Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil

Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil Cod liver oil is obtained from the liver of fish and is very popular and healthy diet supplement. This is because of the high contents of vitamins and nutrients present in it. The many benefits that cod liver oil offers to the human body include: 1.Enhances the immune system of … Read more