Benefits Of Aquarium Salt

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Benefits of Aquarium Salt

Adding salt to your freshwater aquarium provides numerous benefits, according to experts. Read on to learn how changing the salt concentration in your aquarium could possibly benefit fish.

1. Fights diseases

A major health benefit of aquarium salt is that it is used in the treatment of various diseases such as protozoan infections. Actually, salt is thought to encourage mucus production, which is vital for removing any parasites inside the gills of the fish and other body parts. Low aquarium salt doses also remove additional mucus that accumulates in instances of parasitic illness.

2. Prevents parasites

Since fish have various organs that allow them to adapt easily to small differences in salt concentrations, they are able to survive. However, pathogens like protozoa and bacteria are simpler forms of life without any internal organs for regulating differences in the concentrations of salt. Most parasites live topically on the surface of the skin and thus they are vulnerable to high salt concentration. The salt concentration can be altered to weaken the present pathogens without putting the fish in danger.

3. Reduces toxicity

Aquarium salt assists fish remove ammonia and prevents the absorption of nitrite. Salt compound comprises of sodium as well as chloride. The chloride ions lessen nitrite toxicity and therefore provide the fish protection against its hostile effects.

4. Enhances the aquarium environment

Most tap water sources contain low amounts of dissolved salts when compared to the natural environment of a fish. Adding aquarium salt simply makes the fish more comfortable. In fact, certain varieties of fish have better rates of survival with fewer cases of diseases when they have some salt added into their tanks.

It should be understood that some types of fish do not benefit from the addition of salt in the aquarium. A few, particularly corydoras catfish, actually do not tolerate salt.

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    January 17, 2011 8:21 am

    I had not imagined that merely putting salt on a freshwater aquarium would have such great, great benefits. However, you did not indicate how much of salt would be needed per liter. So, if you mind, try checking my site about aquariums . I am a fish collector and this was of great help.

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