Benefits Of Anchovies

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Benefits of Anchovies

Anchovies are nutritious salt fish commonly found in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. They have silvery scale and are slender. Anchovies are often used for culinary purposes; can either be salted or smoked not to mention they are readily available. They form an excellent nutritional plan for those seeking to lower their carb intake. Listed below are the reasons why you should consider adding anchovies into your daily nutritional plan.

1. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
Like sardines, anchovies are believed to have heart-boosting effects as they contain essential fatty acids. Therefore, regular consumption of anchovies is a sure way to lower your risk of heart disease such as atherosclerosis because it keeps cholesterol level in check.

2. Weight loss
Anchovies are also a great source of protein and only contain fewer calories. Adding it to your daily nutritional plan as a salad is not only fulfilling, but also helps curb appetite. In other words, you should consume anchovies on a regular basis to achieve your weight loss goals. Additionally, they are great for low carb diet ers.

3. Anti-inflammatory effects
Anchovies are high in omega-3 fatty acids known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3 fatty acids help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. Besides having anti-inflammatory effects, anchovies are also high in selenium that helps improve cardiovascular health.

4. Minerals and vitamins
They are also an excellent source of calcium needed for reducing high blood pressure and building bones. In addition to that, they contain niacin –an essential vitamin responsible for improving health of the skin, digestive tract, and nervous system.

5. Improves digestive health
Anchovies are also high in potassium needed for proper muscular and digestive function, as well as skeletal muscular contraction.

Unfortunately, they are high in cholesterol and sodium thus should only be eaten in moderate amounts especially if you have heart disease or hypertension.

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