Benefits Of Salmon

Benefits of Salmon

Salmon is a popular species of fish found in fresh water rivers as well as in salty sea. It is commonly used in many Chinese restaurants due to its unique flavor and its many health benefits. Salmon contain essential vitamin A, potassium, niacin, calcium, iron and zinc responsible for overall body health.

1. Builds muscle tissue

Amino acids and protein present in salmon are essential components that improve health of the cells, tissues. The protein found in salmon (and other types of fish) are easily digested by the body compared to other diet s. The best thing is that you never have to worry about adverse side effects since they are free from carcinogenic compounds, commonly found in red meat. Moreover, salmon form a great nutrition plan for athletes as it help build body mass.

2. Lowers high blood pressure

While the essential minerals repair tissue damage caused by free radicals, Omega-3 Fatty acids eliminate ‘’bad” cholesterol, strengthen heart muscles and prevent formation of plaque on the arteries. They also help reduce high blood pressure, thereby are beneficial to patients who have strokes and heart attack.

3. Improves metabolism

The Vitamin D, selenium and Omega-3 fatty acid present in salmon increase absorption of insulin into the body, thereby lowering blood sugar levels. It forms a great nutritional plan for patients with diabetes.

4. Reduces inflammation

Omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon help reduce swelling of the veins and arteries, and alleviate common digestive problems such as heartburn and acid reflux. Moreover, they reduce the risk of colon cancer.

5. Improves memory

Regular consumption of salmon is shown to improve memory, according to recent studies. It also acts as antidepressants, maintains health of the nervous system, and is also beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although there are no known side effects of eating salmon, excessive consumption may affect your health since it contain traces of mercury.

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