Benefits Of Tilapia

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Benefits of Tilapia

Tilapia is a type of fish native to the tropical climates throughout the world. It is mainly farmed in China and it is a strong, prolific and fast-growing fish. Tilapia provides a good protein source with low calorie and fat content. The following are benefits of regular consumption of tilapia.

1. Highly nutritious

Tilapia contains high levels of proteins, niacin and phosphorous. Vitamins like selenium and also vitamin BI2 among many others that are vital for proper functioning of the cells are present in tilapia. This particular fish also has low sodium and carbohydrate content.

2. Low toxicity levels

Different from other types of fish that usually function on animal protein or carnivorous diet s, tilapia only survive on seaweed, cereal grains and vegetables. Combining this factor with the quick growth rate and short lifespan of tilapia, contributes to very low toxicity levels. Even though mercury is still introduced to these fish in small levels, it does not accumulate in large amounts in their systems similar to other oily fish.

3. Build muscles

Tilapia is an essential part of any muscle building nutrition. It can greatly benefit patients in therapy and recovery who are looking to naturally build muscle and also burn fat. Tilapia has high protein levels and low fat levels, making it the most appropriate choice in such cases. In fact, tilapia only contains 2 grams of fat in every 3 ounces.

3. Financial benefits

Since tilapia grows very quickly and only consumes a diet consisting of cereal grains and vegetables, it has lower production costs. The popularity of tilapia stems mainly from its inexpensive price that is caused by the capability of tilapia to quickly grow into saleable fish.

Even though the consumption of tilapia has no known side effects, it is still recommended to only eat healthy tilapia that have been recently caught as they have the highest nutrition content.

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