Benefits Of Fish

Benefit Of Fish

The benefits of fish have been both widely promulgated and postulated. From Omega 3 acids to just being healthier than most meats, many parents have pondered whether or not to change their children’s diets. Many households must consider the possible higher cost of a fish based menu. The proceeding facts should help many make this critical decision.

1. Fish Helps Combat Heart Disease.
Research has shown that the death rate from heart disease decreases as much as 36 percent among people who regularly consume fish against those that do not. A federally supported report from the IOM or Institute of Medicine reinforces the aforementioned research, revealing similar results.

2. Fish is Full of Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids. These often cited fatty acids have proven beneficial for nursing and pregnant mothers alike. These same fatty acids have also been hinted to help combat the progression of Alzheimer’s.

3. Fish Can Counter Depression.
Fish oil carries benefits as well – it can actually counter depression. Research has revealed that people in Japan and Greenland, societies that naturally consume large numbers of fish, tend to have lower depression rates than other meat-centric countries.

4. Fish Can Help Improve Eyesight.
Consumption of large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids have been observed to have an effect on eyesight and eye health in western areas of the world. Dry eye syndrome and macular degeneration are only two of the known diseases that Omega-3 fatty acids combat.

There are mercury related concerns. Mercury is often found in the ocean and in fish and there is enough of it that it was traditional to suggest that pregnant or nursing women should not eat fish. Despite the benefits outlined above, many doctors suggest that they still avoid eating certain species of fish such as tilefish and swordfish. Carefully measured with regards to pregnancy and nursing, the benefits of fish still far outweigh its potential and minimal hazards

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  1. An excellent resource for learning more about mercury in seafood is the public health project An on-line fish calculator can help gauge how much mercury may in the seafood you are eating

  2. The benefits of eating fish stretch further than most people realize. From better eyesight to an improved heart, eating fish is instrumental to healthy eating.


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