Benefits of fermented cod liver oil

Fermented cod liver oil or FCLO is produced naturally by prolonged soaking of wild cod livers in salt and water brine, which allows the livers to ferment naturally and thereafter draining off the resulting oil that has accumulated on the top. The process of fermentation of cod livers for extraction of its oil is an ancient practice that has been used over the centuries. Fermentation is also used for preserving various other foods that includes fish and meat, when other methods of preservation fails.

It has been observed clinically, that the process of fermentation of cod liver results in producing oil which exists in both free fatty acid form and in natural triglycerides.

FCLO is an ancient medicine that delivers natural forms of important fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K2.

Some of the well accepted benefits of taking FCLO on a daily basis are:

Improves immunity

Cod liver oil has been known since a long time as a potent immune system defender. More over consuming cod liver oil also improves heart function, visionary ability, glucose tolerance and lowers systemic inflammations.

Improves muscle functions

The Omega-3 fatty acids along with Vitamins like A, D and K2 found in FCLO helps improving mineral absorption in our body that in turn improves the elasticity of our blood vessels which results in improving muscle functions in our body.

Prevents joint pain

Cod liver oil helps in contributing to bone health which aids in alleviating joint pain and create stronger bones. Cod liver oil is also well known for reducing the growth of osteoporosis.

Good for pregnant women

Cod liver oil has shown to support the health of pregnant women by improving the fatty acid profile of their breast milk. Ingesting cod liver oil during the term of pregnancy is also good for optimizing the growth of the brain cells in infants.

Normalize blood pressure levels

FCLO helps in faster absorption of elements like calcium and magnesium which helps in normalizing blood pressure levels in adults.

Protect against cancer

According to recent developments in medical science, the Vitamin A present in fermented cod liver oil, helps in preventing cancer.

However if one is looking for the additional value of Vitamin K2 in fermented cod liver oil, then the butter oil blend of FCLO is an ideal choice. Although fermented cod liver oil does have some amount of Vitamin K2 values in it, but with additional butter oil in its content it helps to higher the Vitamin K2 values.

It has also been observed that there are several people who choose to take the FCLO liquid and add butter oil separately before consuming the same.

Cod liver oil is available both in capsule, liquid and gel forms. While the liquid or gel form of cod liver oil allows greater volume of dose per container, such preferences are limited in FCLO capsule forms. Moreover liquid or gel FCLO allows for a more customized dose, whereas the capsuled FCLO limits this to a bit.

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