Benefits of Wimax Technology

Benefits of Wimax Technology Wimax is a new technology in data and communication services. Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access; this technology is the call of the hour since it provides affordable and high-performance wireless broadband services. It is an apt tool for receiving data services in today’s day and age. Lets have … Read more

Benefits of CEP

Benefits of CEP CEP or Complex event processing refers to a networking technology that allows businesses to analyze data or events from various sources with real-time capabilities. ‘ The basic purpose of employing CEP in an organization for example is to allow it to react to a particular event in an instant. ‘ The system basically gathers … Read more

Benefits of a CMS website

Benefits of a CMS website CMS or Content Management System refers to a system wherein a centralized platform is used for various purposes like modifications and updates on certain data elements. ‘ In the case of websites, using CMS means enabling the site to become dynamic in the sense that all information within it are stored … Read more

Benefits of symmetric encryption

Benefits of symmetric encryption Encryption refers to a process of converting data or information into something’ that cannot be read or understood by supposedly unauthorized persons. Sending’ data over the internet for example involves various risks of divulging information’ to the wrong people. With this concern in mind, data is encrypted to protect its’ confidentiality and this can be … Read more

Benefits of ISDN

Benefits of ISDN ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network refers to a standard in communications’ that allow for instant data delivery through a network beyond the standard way of’ passing through the telephone network circuits. Through the ISDN, various data’ including voice, video, and audio can be digitally transferred from one point in a’ network to another in a … Read more

Benefits of GIS data

Benefits of GIS data GIS or geographic information system is a type of system that involves integration’ of all types of geographical-related data into a single platform or database. Through’ GIS, information such as natural resources, road maps, water pipe lines, river’ channels, and wildlife can be centralized into one system for better use of all data.’ As a … Read more

Benefits of tiered storage

Benefits of tiered storage Tiered storage refers to a storage environment wherein data may be saved in various media types with a specific classification based on common factors like functionality, capacity, performance, or price. ‘ Some data are also classified based on ease of retrieval or the things required for their recovery. ‘ As businesses and companies … Read more

Benefits of Doppler radar

Benefits of Doppler radar As the term suggests, Doppler radars are types of radars that make use of the Doppler Effect when measuring velocity and objects that are at a distance. ‘ Doppler radars function by releasing a microwave signal and analyze the so-called return signal or reflection. ‘ These types of radars are known to be … Read more

Benefits of PIM

Benefits of PIM PIM refers to Product Information Management. It is a system that involves management of product information by means of centralization. ‘ Many businesses felt the need to come up with a solution to manage available product information because of various product distribution channels and the increased likelihood of failed promotional campaigns because of … Read more

Benefits of CFCs

Benefits of CFCs A cold fusion component is basically a compilation of data and code that is stored in one central file. ColdFusion is not an OOP language, however CFCs makes it possible to it to have a few of the characteristics that make the OOP languages popular. For example, ColdFusion provides developers the capability … Read more

Benefits of TM1

Benefits of TM1 TM1 is short for IBM Cognos TM1 and it refers to a software intended for businesses to help them implement planning solutions that also allow forecasting and budgeting. ‘ This particular software is also designed to produce analytical data through applications that produce reports. ‘ TM1 is packed with features that can give the … Read more

Benefits Of Data Warehousing

Benefits of Data Warehousing Data warehousing simple involves merging data from varied sources or departments into one database. Since data warehousing forms one comprehensive database, you can use several sources but the final outcome must be homogenous. Companies today spend vast resources implementing data warehouses as they help present data in a transparent manner to … Read more

Benefits Of TCP

Benefits of TCP Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is usually linked together with Internet Protocol (IP) since both of the above services are complementary. These protocols are responsible for carrying out the internet’s basic operations. The sending of information online is facilitated by TCP as it breaks down data into packets for quicker transmission. There are … Read more

Benefits Of Raw

Benefits of Raw If you are familiar with the word raw, which refers to something that can be found in its natural form, then you can relate this to raw imaging, an image that contains undeveloped or unprocessed dat. Raw data is somehow similar to photo negative, while the JPEG format is processed through convertor … Read more

Benefits Of Using Excel

Benefits of Using Excel Microsoft excel is a powerful tool that is widely used to help people analyze organize data in a systemic manner. Using Microsoft Excel and other office applications, you can easily share your insight and analysis with partners, customers and co-workers with great zeal. Here are some of the benefits of using … Read more

Benefits Of MPLS

Benefits of MPLS Multiprotocol Label switching or MPLS services are gaining popularity because of fast data transmission and advanced technology. It is based on switches and router interconnected via fiber links that serve as a transport facility. Basically, they connect several contrasting protocols such as Frame relay, Ethernet and ATM. 1. Flexible and cost effective … Read more

Benefits Of EDI

Benefits Of EDI EDI is the abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange and facilitates the inter computer exchange of documents between different businesses or companies. As the data is digitally exchanged through computers most of the allied business processes are easily automated. Thus these processes run with little or absolutely no human requirement for data entry. … Read more