Benefits of tiered storage

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Benefits of tiered storage

Tiered storage refers to a storage environment wherein data may be saved in various media types with a specific classification based on common factors like functionality, capacity, performance, or price. ‘ Some data are also classified based on ease of retrieval or the things required for their recovery. ‘ As businesses and companies deal with huge data requirements, many of them resort to tiered storage solutions for the following reasons:

1. ‘ Lower cost

Data storage maintenance and management requires huge amounts of money and various businesses have resorted to tiered storage options because of their benefit in terms of lowering costs. ‘ Tiered storage means a more efficient way of handling and/or retrieving data by means of classifying them based on functionality or importance for example. ‘ Manual systems on the other hand will literally result to more expenditure when compared to the automated solution provided by tiered storage systems. Instead of having to invest on buying more storage drives, companies may opt for classifying data requirements through tiered storage systems.

2. Better efficiency

Tiered storage systems also provide improved efficiency in terms of data usage and retrieval. By proper classification of data systems and proper implementation procedures, the ever-growing data requirements of end-users can easily be managed and addressed.

3. ‘ Better performance

Data classification through the tiered storage system will also make businesses achieve improved performance for the simple reason that more important and critical data can be easily accessed at a faster and more efficient rate. ‘ By prioritizing critical data in terms of retrieval and access options, many businesses will improve their performance.

In modern times, data storage does not only mean investing more and more on storage disks and hard drives. ‘ Many businesses have realized that the best way to handle increasing data requirements is to manage them in a more automated ways like those offered by tiered storage systems.

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