Benefits of GIS data

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Benefits of GIS data

GIS or geographic information system is a type of system that involves integration’ of all types of geographical-related data into a single platform or database. Through’ GIS, information such as natural resources, road maps, water pipe lines, river’ channels, and wildlife can be centralized into one system for better use of all data.’ As a system, GIS may be applied to different areas and industries like engineering,management, and logistics among many others. Companies that use GIS may get’ the following benefits:

1. More efficiency

The system involved in GIS itself is an efficient way of integrating all available’ geographical data. The mere access to centralized information will boost productivity’ and increase efficiency from every member of an organization that uses GIS data.’ Centralizing various data taken from different sources also ensures that many people’ will be able to check accuracy and relevance and thereby promoting more efficiency’ in the organization.

2. Better decisions

Data centralization and integration may also mean that organizations will have the’ chance to make better decisions when concerns arise. In the case of zoning and’ urban planning for example, members of a particular project will come up with more’ accurate or better proposals because they are getting information from an integrated’ source.

3. Lower costs

Some companies may also be able to lower operations costs by implementing GIS in’ the workplace. Because of improved efficiency in all involved units, many companies’ will be able to cut redundant costs. In the case of logistics for example, by having’ information from GIS, delivery trucks may able to pick shorter routes to reach their’ destination and therefore result to fuel and overtime savings.

Geographic information systems may be to new to many people’s ears but this’ system is increasingly becoming popular and being applied in more industries and’ workplaces because of the various benefits it offers. With GIS, the only basic
requirement is that members of an organization will all take the effort into getting’ the best data through centralization and integration.


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