Benefits of symmetric encryption

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Benefits of symmetric encryption

Encryption refers to a process of converting data or information into something’ that cannot be read or understood by supposedly unauthorized persons. Sending’ data over the internet for example involves various risks of divulging information’ to the wrong people. With this concern in mind, data is encrypted to protect its’ confidentiality and this can be done through a process called symmetric encryption.’ This process basically makes uses of the same sets of keys in trying to encrypt and’ decrypt a particular file. This method of encryption is preferred by most people’ because of the following benefits:

1. Very Simple Process

Data or ciphertext is encrypted and/or decrypted using basic algorithm and identical’ sets of cryptographic keys. Using the same keys for both encryption and decryption’ simplifies the whole process and makes it easy for all people involved in the’ process. And even when there is transformation needed in the keys, only minimal’ modification is necessary making the process even simpler.

2. Faster Process

Symmetric encryption also allows for faster coding and configurations since the keys’ involved are simple and identical. The length of the crytographic keys is also shorter’ when compared with asymmetrical encryption and this will lead to a faster process.

3. More savings

Encryption using symmetrical keys also translates to lower hardware acquisition’ and maintenance costs. When the encryption process is made simple and fast, it’ also requires less power from the computer and so needs fewer requirements in’ terms of computer hardware. Fewer hardware requirements mean lower cost for all’ companies implementing a symmetric encryption program.

Although the security level provided by symmetric encryption depends on how long’ the cryptographic key is, it still provides enough data security for small and medium-sized companies. The only basic requirement is that all parties involved must agree’ to a common secret cryptographic key to make the encryption process work.

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