Benefits Of Raw

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Benefits of Raw

If you are familiar with the word raw, which refers to something that can be found in its natural form, then you can relate this to raw imaging, an image that contains undeveloped or unprocessed dat. Raw data is somehow similar to photo negative, while the JPEG format is processed through convertor and has specific exposure contrast and white balance.

1. Access to numerous parameters

You might use several parameters, like clarity, contrast, white balance, exposure saturation levels, hue and so forth. Moreover, raw image has better image quality since all pixel values and calculations are more precise.

2. Set image sharpening

You can also control the saturation levels, as well as over-exposed photographs without any loss of data whatsoever. Also, you can control noise reduction and image sharpening when skipping the device manually. This gives you the opportunity to set the desired exposure to the photo, and this is why raw imaging is popularly used by professional photographers.

3. Better clarity

Raw images often have 14 or 12 bits of clarity. Again, this means more accuracy and information when working with different colors, shadows and highlights. On the other hand, JPEG only stores 8 bits of information.

4. Create several designs of a photo

Although most cameras have done a good job in regards to job processing, working with raw imaging camera gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of the final photo. When working with raw data, it is easy to adjust the final appearance without distorting its clarity, even creating several variations based on your photo of choice, which creates endless possibilities.

5. Speeds up processing time

You can make necessary adjustment to the photos without having to rely on software. Having made modifications to one photo, it is possible to apply these settings to multiple images, thereby speeding up processing time.

Raw files often consume large camera memory than photos taken in JPEG format. In addition, you have to convert them to a usable format.

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