Benefits of Doppler radar

Benefits of Doppler radar

As the term suggests, Doppler radars are types of radars that make use of the Doppler Effect when measuring velocity and objects that are at a distance. ‘ Doppler radars function by releasing a microwave signal and analyze the so-called return signal or reflection. ‘ These types of radars are known to be highly accurate and are used by various industries for the following benefits:

1. High quality of data

Doppler radars are used by various industries because of the high quality of data it provides. ‘ Many countries for example rely on Doppler radars when studying weather patterns and climate changes. ‘ Aside from the estimates in the amount of rainfall, Doppler radars are also able to give other data like wind velocity and strength which are also important for meteorologists.

2. Reliable weather forecasts

The data produced by Doppler radars are also considered reliable enough in terms of forecasting possible heavy rains, thunderstorms, and other types of extreme weather patterns. ‘ This capability is a huge help to various local government units, emergency service providers, and all the residents of a community that may be hit by a violent storm for example. ‘ With Doppler radar data, enough warnings can be issued to people before the actual storm will hit.

3. Accurate results

Doppler radars are also used in the aviation industry and provide accurate results in terms of managing traffic in an airport for example. ‘ With many planes trying to land, take off, or taxi on a busy airport, Doppler radars are able to help air traffic controllers give a smooth flow of the airplanes and promote safety for all people involved.

Doppler radars are considered highly-sensitive and so maintaining them may also incur some huge costs. ‘ But the benefits they provide totally outweigh maintenance costs which is why many industries continue to use them for various needs.

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