Benefits Of MPLS

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Benefits of MPLS

Multiprotocol Label switching or MPLS services are gaining popularity because of fast data transmission and advanced technology. It is based on switches and router interconnected via fiber links that serve as a transport facility. Basically, they connect several contrasting protocols such as Frame relay, Ethernet and ATM.

1. Flexible and cost effective

MPLS services are effective and flexible in a way that not only offer quality service but also allows network segmentation. It provides an excellent way of forwarding latency-sensitive applications, and has become a leading technology since it ensures speedy flow of network traffic.

2. Saves cost

MPLS based services can help minimize cost up to 20% over comparable service such as ATM and Frame Relay. As businesses and organizations include voice traffic and video, cost saving can reduce over the long run.

3. Enable QOS

MPLS services are suitable for businesses that employ video and voice, as they have the capability to back up QOS.

4. Future network security

Many businesses conclude that MPLS now belongs to the fastest growing technology. Investing in WAN services such as Frame relay and ATM is not a viable option. In fact, it seems that only few businesses nowadays are considering investments like ATM services and Frame Relay.

5. Recovers Disaster

MPLS services help to minimize data in several ways. For starters, key sites and data centers connect to several outmoded ways. Secondly, a remote site can quickly reconnect to back up locations.

6. Improves performance

MPLS based service allows network architects to decrease the amount of skips between network points, which translates to application performance.

The only shortcoming of MPLS based services is that providers only offer high bandwidth circuits, like 15 Mbps and above.

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