Benefits of Wimax Technology

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Benefits of Wimax Technology

Wimax is a new technology in data and communication services. Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access; this technology is the call of the hour since it provides affordable and high-performance wireless broadband services. It is an apt tool for receiving data services in today’s day and age. Lets have a look at the benefits.

1. Excellent coverage

Single station Wimax provides coverage for several users at a time. Users can send and receive data without any hassles at a very high speed and with full network security.

2. Impeccable hi-speed performance

Wimax users can download content at the speed of 6 Megabits per second. However this is applicable only for residential users, since they use a longer antenna. Mobile users receive up to 4 Megabits per second.

3. No strings attached

The best part about Wimax technology is that it is wireless, so there are no hassles of connecting to the Internet through long wires via a local area network.

4. Helps in multi-tasking

This technology helps its many users perform different online tasks at the same time. It provides high speed data services, helps the user in streaming videos, sending and receiving content over the Internet, making video calls, and providing telephone services as well. It is a jack of all trades.

5. Pocket friendly

In this time of inflation, spending a lot of money on Internet connection can burn a hole in one’s pocket. Wimax data services are very pocket friendly and provide excellent connectivity at affordable rates. Plus the prices of the devices are quite low, and will continue to drop with increasing competition.

6. Helps to stay in touch with end users

One of its major benefits is that it provides easy services to end users, so two people who use Wimax technology will be able to stay in touch with each other all the time.

7. Reliable network and great infrastructure

It provides much better speed and longer range as compared to WiFi technology. It also has an ultra-wide band and exceptional infrastructure.

Disadvantages of Wimax technology:

Like all things Wimax technology has a few drawbacks, one of which is that the quality of the service may be hampered due to weather changes. Rainy weather may interrupt the services a bit. Plus the whole structure consumes a lot of electricity. However, the advantages of Wimax technology eclipse its disadvantages.

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