Benefits Of Anjeer

Benefits of Anjeer Anjeer is a large tree or shrub native to Asia and parts of the Mediterranean region (Greece and Afghanistan). It is tall and characterized by long leaves and smooth bark. The plant is believed to have an array of health benefits, from treating sexual weakness to aiding digestion as well as the … Read more

Health Benefits Of Pau D’ Arco

Health Benefits of Pau D’ Arco Pau d’arco is a popular evergreen tree native to South America. Studies show that Pau d’arco tree has many health and medicinal properties. The wood and bark of the tree are said to have chemicals that combat harmful micro-organisms. Read on and learn some of the benefits you can … Read more

Benefits Of Mesquite

Benefits of Mesquite Also called trash tree, mesquite tree has numerous uses and also benefits. The sap or gum of the mesquite tree is said to offer the most benefits. Boiling the mesquite gum in water provides a remedy for cough and sore throats. Here are more benefits of mesquite. 1. Anti-fungal effects Mesquite tree … Read more

Benefits Of Olives

Benefits of Olives Olives are fruits that grow on a tree that has a similar name and it is native to the coastal region of the Mediterranean region. The fruits of olive tree can be eaten or used for producing olive oil. Olives have high nutritional worth and offer various benefits such as the ones … Read more

Benefits Of Slippery Elm

Benefits of Slippery Elm Slippery elm is also referred to as moose elm, Indian elm, red elm and sweet elm. The bark of this particularly tree has various medicinal properties. The following article takes a closer look at the benefits of using this particular supplement. 1. Provides heartburn relief Heartburn usually occurs when the acidic … Read more

Benefits Of Ginkgo biloba

Benefits Of Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest surviving trees on this earth and its existence can be traced back to about 300 million years. Although the plant has been a part of many Chinese medicines, modern applications of the tree are the result of extensive researches conducted by the German scientists. … Read more

Benefits Of Trees

Benefits Of Trees The history of evolution of the earth shows that major part of it was a forest and was covered with dense trees. With the various development activities of man the forest cover on the earth, gradually decreased. But even now there are many forests that are composed of millions and billions of … Read more