Benefits Of Mesquite

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Benefits of Mesquite

Also called trash tree, mesquite tree has numerous uses and also benefits. The sap or gum of the mesquite tree is said to offer the most benefits. Boiling the mesquite gum in water provides a remedy for cough and sore throats. Here are more benefits of mesquite.

1. Anti-fungal effects
Mesquite tree leaves may be used like a cold compress for bee stings. Consuming tea made from these leaves assists with bacterial or fungal infections like stomach irritations, diarrhea and even ulcers. Individuals with athlete’s foot should also apply a mixture of mesquite leaves and water onto the affected regions to provide relief.

2. Headaches and migraines
Headaches normally arise because of the daily stresses that people are exposed to. A migraine, however, is a kind of a more severe headache that might really affect an individual’s life. Both these problems are easily corrected using mesquite leaves. A poultice of these leaves is topically applied to reducing or completely stopping headaches and migraines.

3. Controls blood sugar
The powder form of mesquite leaves helps in controlling blood sugar in diabetics. Since it contains fructose as its form of sugar, it does not need insulin for proper metabolism. This helps to maintain a regular level of blood sugar for an extended period. Furthermore, the high diet ary fiber percentage of mesquite powder digests very slowly than most grains, thereby preventing sharp falls and rises in the blood sugar.

4. Culinary benefits
Mesquite powder has a flavor that is similar to molasses and it goes well in smoothies, coffees and teas. It is delicious when added to energy bars, butter spreads and dairy yogurts. Like a healthy seasoning, you can add mesquite powder to sauces, casseroles, soups and any other meat or vegetable dishes.
The use or consumption of mesquite products is not linked with any drawbacks and thereby it is harmless to use.

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