Benefits Of Gum Chewing

Benefits of Gum Chewing Research now shows that gum chewing offers a number of health benefits. It is however advisable to chew in moderation to avoid dental decay. Since we are all unique, each person has a different response to gum chewing. According to scientific finding, gum chewing increase concentration and alertness, manage weight and … Read more

Benefits Of Mesquite

Benefits of Mesquite Also called trash tree, mesquite tree has numerous uses and also benefits. The sap or gum of the mesquite tree is said to offer the most benefits. Boiling the mesquite gum in water provides a remedy for cough and sore throats. Here are more benefits of mesquite. 1. Anti-fungal effects Mesquite tree … Read more

Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Benefits Of Chewing gum Since the past thousands of years people in many parts of the world have been using chewing gum as their favorite pastime and a means to get away from boredom. The Greeks chewed masticha that was made of resin obtained from the mastic tree. The sap of sapodilla tree was used … Read more