Benefits Of Gum Chewing

Benefits of Gum Chewing

Research now shows that gum chewing offers a number of health benefits. It is however advisable to chew in moderation to avoid dental decay. Since we are all unique, each person has a different response to gum chewing. According to scientific finding, gum chewing increase concentration and alertness, manage weight and help in weight reduction. Read on and learn more benefits of gum chewing.

1. Increases alertness
Gum chewing improves brain activity in a number of ways. For example, psychologists suggest that chewing gum while working can increase productivity. A study was conducted on two different people where one was given chewing gum. The person who was given chewing gum showed increased mental alertness.

2. Reduces tension and stress
Chewing gum is a great way to combat anxiety and stress. Research shows that learners who consume gum when studying are more focused and alert. This is because gum chewing helps you handle stressful situations. Whenever you are frustrated or irritated, you fill find that gum chewing is relaxing.

3. Aids weight loss
If you are seeking ways to shed a few pounds, gum chewing may prove quite beneficial. With that said, buy some gum at the store. Gum chewing can help eliminate the cravings for snacks high in fats and calories.

4. Promotes healthy digestion
Studies show that gum chewing can also enhance digestive function, especially when you chew a gum after eating. Gum chewing induces swallowing due to saliva production. This also keeps digestive juices in the stomach.

5. Good for oral care
While this is still under debate, some people believe that chewing gum is good for oral health. Saliva production during chewing can eliminate bacteria due to its anti-bacterial effect.

While chewing gum is fun, it is advisable to do it in moderation to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems.

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