Benefits Of Pantyhose

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Benefits of Pantyhose

Pantyhose, commonly called tights, are close fitting footwear that covers the user’s body from the waist up to the feet. Regarded as a woman’s garment, the pantyhose offered a suitable substitute to stockings. Some of the uses of this particular attire range from enhancing attractiveness, keeping the feet warm and also hiding imperfections like blemishes, scars and bruises. Here are more pantyhose benefits.

1. Provide warmth
Wearing the pantyhose may offer warmth, especially during cold weather conditions. This garment increases the temperature around the feet and it makes winter more bearable for the wearer. It is also a stylish method of keeping warm, offering an alternative to unattractive heavy socks.

2. Prevents varicose veins
It is estimated that close to 30% of all women suffer from varicose veins during pregnancy. Varicose veins normally occur when blood flow breaks down in the veins present on the leg surface. Wearing pantyhose helps alleviate circulation problems and thus prevent swelling. This action potentially aids in preventing imminent varicose veins.

3. Offer comfort
Since the pantyhose promote blood circulation in the limbs, they offer comfort and reduce pain. Actually, this garment may assist some of the complications linked to poor circulation like leg ulcers. For soldiers, pantyhose offer more comfort in contrast with normal socks, particularly during long marches.

4. Augment appearance
Pantyhose are an erotic thing that a woman can wear to enhance her appearance. For those in marriages and are seeking for methods of adding some spice into their relationships, then wearing pantyhose might be the solution. Besides improving appearance, this garment also keeps a woman’s leg feeling fresh following a long day at work.

Nevertheless, the warm and moist setting that is created by pantyhose aids the development of uncomfortable fungal infections. Preexisting allergic and fungal conditions, including hives, rashes and eczema are aggravated through pantyhose use.

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